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Arbonne Self-Tanner

Posted on 9th April, 2016

With Summer on the way, why not add some colour to your skin with Arbonne’s Liquid Sunshine Tinted Self-Tanner. 

The product instantly adds a hint of colour and develops more over the course of 2 hours. It is quick drying and hydrates skin, leaving behind a fresh scent.

Shake bottle well and apply product evenly to cleansed, moisturised skin. Avoid application in the area of the eyes, lips, mucous membrane and hairline. Avoid contact with clothing. Wash hands after use.

This product is not a sunscreen, therefore does not protect against exposure to the sun. Sunscreen must be applied on top of the tanner to protect skin from sunburn.

The product is dermatologically tested, gluten free and completely vegan.

A cartoon-like smiling sun, gradient-flame version.

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