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Body Treatments

Bacial (Dubbed the ‘facial for your back’)View Pricing & Info

Relaxing and deep cleansing back treatment, which begins with a warm towel compress. Your back is deeply cleansed with detoxifying and purifying sea minerals, followed by a firming exfoliation which gently removes lifeless skin cells and pore impurities. A back, neck and shoulder massage (30mins) is followed by a luxurious mineral mud mask, which is removed with steamed mitts. The treatment finishes with a hydrating re-mineralising lotion.

  • 60 mins - £50.00

Stress Reliever Massage (Back, Neck, Shoulder, Scalp and Facial Massage)View Pricing & Info

A massage combining pressure points and manipulation of the back, neck, shoulders, scalp and face, leaving you in a state of deep relaxation. Using a relaxing blend of aroma oils, your therapist will soothe you into a blissful state.

  • 45 mins - £35
  • 60 mins - £45

Swedish MassageView Pricing & Info

A traditional massage using strong pressure to help release muscular tension in the body. Invigorating movements to effectively ease aching bodies.

  • Back, Neck and Shoulders 30 mins - £27.50
  • Full Body 60 mins - £45.00
  • Full Body Deluxe 75 mins - £55.00

Aromatherapy MassageView Pricing & Info

A relaxation treatment combining both massage and therapeutic essential oils to balance the mind, body and soul. Your therapist will cater the choice of oils to suit your needs and well-being.

  • Back, Neck and Shoulders 30 mins - £30.00
  • Full Body 60 mins - £47.50
  • Full Body Deluxe 75 mins - £57.50

Hot Stone MassageView Pricing & Info

A hot Stones Massage is a deeply relaxing and comforting treatment, combining massage and the use of water-heated, smooth basalt stones. This releases tension, improves circulation and helps fush toxins from the body. The use of hot stones relaxes the muscles and tissues, thus reducing tension in joints. The effect of the heat allows for deeper manipulation of the soft tissues.

  • Back, Neck and Shoulders 30 mins - £35.00
  • Full Body 60 mins - £55.00
  • Full Body Deluxe 75 mins - £65.00

Full Body Pregnancy MassageView Pricing & Info

A specially designed practice using a combination of Swedish and remedial massage techniques to assist with the tensions and pains experienced during pregnancy. These are often caused by the extra weight and shift in the centre of gravity. There are many physical benefts to pregnancy massage: Reduction of peripheral swelling, soothing of the nervous system, prevention of insomnia, muscle cramps and back pain

  • 60 mins - £45.00

Lava Shell MassageView Pricing & Info

Lava Shell Massage is a heat therapy massage treatment offering relaxation and a deep tissue massage. Producing heat from within the shell, you will receive a very effective body massage, which will leave you feeling relaxed and invigorated. It is a revolutionary massage treatment using the world’s frst self-heating massage tool. Each shell is 100% natural, environmentally friendly and from the Philippine islands. A Lava Shell Massage is suitable for almost anyone, and is a great treatment for a wide range of conditions.


A treatment adapted for your individual needs can help with:
• Inducing deep relaxation and alleviating aches and pains
• Discomfort from menstrual cramps
• Releasing stress and the feeling of lethargy


A full body massage using naturally self-warming Tiger Clam Shells. The warm, smooth shells glide over the body with varying pressures. Deep pressure is used to reach the deepest aches and pains and a lighter pressure to alleviate stress and tension. Hydrating oils are used during the treatment to moisturise the skin as the warmth of the shells helps to revitalise and rebalance the body and mind.

  • Full Body 60 mins - £60.00
  • Full Body Deluxe 75 mins £70.00

Stomach & Back Lava MassageView Pricing & Info

A powerful treatment to help improve and regulate the digestive system, combined with a deep tissue massage to treat the neck and back. The heat from the shells enables deeper muscle tension to be treated, resulting in a feeling of total wellbeing.

  •  45 mins - £50.00

Back, Neck & Shoulder Lava MassageView Pricing & Info

A deep tissue massage using the warmth of the Lava Shells to treat the neck and back on a profound level. The heat from the shells enables deeper muscle tension to be treated and released, leaving you feeling instantly stress-free and rejuvenated.

  • 30 mins - £37.50

Stomach Lava MassageView Pricing & Info

This powerful treatment is a natural version of the colonic cleanse. Your digestive system is improved and regulated with encouraging massage strokes around the abdominal area. This combination of heat and massage stimulates the body’s natural systems to effectively eliminate toxins and reduce bloating.

  • 15 mins - £25.00

Hopi Ear Candling with Scalp and Sinus MassageView Pricing & Info

This treatment will calm the mind and soothe the head and ears. The candles have a purely physical function: A light suction action and the movement of the fame creates a vibration of air in the candles, generating a massage-like effect on the eardrum. Ideal for easing the symptoms of hay fever, headaches, earache, sinusitis or winter colds.

  •  40 mins - £35.00

Anti-Cellulite Hip and Thigh TreatmentView Pricing & Info

A highly effective, stimulating treatment to target cellulite, fuid retention and uneven skin texture, using effective ingredients with anti-cellulite properties, hot mitts and a deep, detoxifying massage to achieve great results. Ideal for people concerned by the appearance of cellulite. A course of six treatments is recommended. Includes: Skin brush – detoxifying and anti-cellulite salt and oil scrub – detoxifying massage to specifc area and refex zone pressure points to the feet.

  •  45mins - £45.00

Body ScrubView Pricing & Info

Our in-house blended scrub is designed to improve skin texture, exfoliate dead cells and lift impurities, leaving the skin feeling soft, revitalised and invigorated. Treatment includes full body exfoliation and body brushing for stimulation.

  • 20 mins - £25.00

Hawaiian MassageView Pricing & Info

Traditionally, Hawaiian massage was part of the Hawaiian Rites of passage as it is thought to be both transformational and healing. It balances the body and the mind, and is known for its healing properties, physically, emotionally and spiritually. Effective treatment for stress, depression, exhaustion, confusion, grief or loss, and physical discomfort or injuries.

  • Back, Neck and Shoulders 30 mins - £35.00
  • Full Body 60 mins - £47.50
  • Full Body Deluxe 75 mins - £57.50

Seasource Body Scrub DeluxeView Pricing & Info

Beginning with a full body brush and followed by a detoxifying, foaming body scrub, your therapist will gently exfoliate and cleanse toxins from the skin’s surface, increasing microcirculation and stimulating skin to promote a softer, smoother look. Your skin nourished through massage when your therapist applies powerful sea and botanical extracts which help restore the skin’s ionic balance. While your skin absorbs the products, your therapist will exfoliate your face. Enriched with sea plant antioxidants to resist environmental pollutants, this refreshing blend of massage oil and gel cools as it nourishes, hydrates and moisturises, for skin that is soft and smooth.

  • 60 mins - £47.50

Experience Detoxifying Seasource Body Scrub, Wrap, Facial and Hair TreatmentView Pricing & Info

The ultimate treatment combining four separate body treatments: Full Body Brush and Scrub, Seasource Detoxifying Mud Body Mask, FC5 Intense Hydration Facial Treatment and Seasource Fortifying Hair Mask and Scalp Massage.

A treatment created for detoxifcation, restoration and total renewal. While it’s important to detoxify in today’s environment, it’s just as important to give yourself a “time-out” on a regular basis. This comprehensive four step treatment and line of products stimulates, strengthens and supports the body’s natural ability to cleanse and restore itself, helping to purify the body inside and out and return it to a state of healthy bliss. You will feel restored and detoxifed from head to toe.

  • 80 mins - £65.00

RefexologyView Pricing & Info

Refexology works on the basis that there are areas in the feet associated with various glands, organs and regions of the body. It is deeply relaxing and can prompt the body to heal itself. Refexology is very helpful in alleviating stress-related ailments, as well as promoting a sense of calm and well-being. A treatment which uses pressure on specifc areas of the feet to stimulate healing in the corresponding part of the body. This releases areas of tension and helps energy to fow more freely throughout your body

  • 45 mins - £35.00

Upgrades available - see upgrades section