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Posted on 19th March, 2016

Somewhere between 75-80% of the adult population have problems with their feet, and some are not even aware. However, many people often feel embarrassed or ashamed about their feet and will tend to ignore these. If left untreated, certain conditions can lead to more severe issues.

Athlete’s Foot

Caused by a fungus, Athlete’s Foot presents itself as dry, red, painful/itchy skin usually between the toes. The skin can also become blistered, cracked and scaly. This causes an uncomfortable sensation on the feet, but can be easily treated with creams and sprays. Athlete’s foot can be prevented by washing and properly drying the feet daily as well as regularly changing socks and shoes.


Almost everyone can say they have had a blister at some point in their lifetime. Caused by ill-fitting shoes, blisters are inflamed bubble like areas of soft skin, which fill with a clear fluid. Constant friction against an area of skin causes blisters to form. These tend to disappear on their own after some time, however, if the blister begins to look discoloured or infected, see a GP or Chiropodist to have it looked at. Blisters can be avoided by ensuring all footwear fits correctly.

Fungal Nail Infection 

This can be caused by the same fungus as Athlete’s Foot, spreading to the nail and causing discolouration, deformity and brittleness of the nail. It can be easily picked up in areas such as locker rooms or swimming pools where many people are barefoot. If untreated, the infection can become more severe and spread, possibly leading to surgical removal of the nail in severe cases. The condition can be treated with anti-fungal tablets or nail paints. If you are concerned about this, visit your GP or Chiropodist to be sure.

Ingrown Toenail

An uncomfortable condition which usually affects the outer sides of the big toes. Ingrown toenails can be caused by tight fitting shoes or incorrectly cutting the nail. Toenails should be cut straight across to avoid the nail digging into the side of the toe. If cut at an angle, rounded or even too short, the nail may dig into the skin and become ingrown. This causes the skin to become red and inflamed, and can lead to infection.  If you think you could be affected by this, make an appointment with a Chiropodist.

Corns and Calluses 

Corns are of hardened skin caused by the rubbing of shoes against boney areas of the feet, particularly the tops and sides of toes. These can become painful and uncomfortable. Calluses are similar, but generally form on the underside of the foot, especially at the heel. These can be easily treated by a chiropodist.


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