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“Doon the Leven”

Posted on 21st May, 2016

A walk with the Herbalist – part 1

It’s springtime and the fresh new growth of all our plant life is showing itself all around us.

First of all on our walk we came across our beloved and well known Dandelion, with its beautiful yellow flowers out to catch our attention. Yellow is the colour associated with the liver and indeed this plant, both leaf and root can help us detoxify by helping to increase elimination of toxins and waste via the liver and kidneys. Give your system a spring tonic as the leaves are highly nutritious, being rich in Vitamins B, C, pro-vitamin A and minerals – especially Potassium and Iron. Gather the leaves, wash and use as a salad leaf or pour over boiled water for a health giving tea. All from our old friend ‘pee the bed’!


Going down the steps at the Stuckie Bridge, between Rosshead and Jamestown and there are great patches of Wild Garlic. We pick a few leaves, from a (hopefully) dog pee free patch and have a nibble. It’s lovely, a few more leaves harvested to take home for some homemade pesto. As well as being great to use for your cooking, it also has all the benefits that our store bought garlic has…and it’s really fresh!



Recognise our childhood friend ‘Sticky Willy’, the one we would stick to people’s backs and let them walk about unbeknown! This is Cleavers. It is another wonderfully cleansing herb, working this time with our lymphatic system, great for swollen glands and sluggish toxic systems. Another great addition to your spring cleansing regime, pick some fresh tops and make a refreshing tea.



We’re always mindful of the notorious Nettle but maybe not for the right reasons. Nettle is another amazing cleansing herb. Like dandelion, it’s packed full of nutrients and is also a top pick for any allergic conditions from hay-fever to prickly heat. Carefully pick the fresh green top and make a tea or use the cooled tea as a soothing skin wash


And lastly for this week we meet the Sweet Elderflower. The hot infusion of elderflowers can be your friend at the onset of colds and sore throats to help resolve the infection quickly.


Joanne Dick @ Green Tree Remedies 07652 333731


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