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Posted on 7th May, 2016

At Experience, we use a large range of Gatineau products in our treatments.

This French company was first established in 1932 by a woman named Madame Jeanne Gatineau, who began to develop her own range of skincare products. The Jeanne Gatineau School of Beauty opened in 1950 in Paris, where thousands of students trained.

Gatineau created the world’s first exfoliator, as well as alcohol-free toners and cleansers. They remained at the leading-edge of skincare for years and in the 1990’s, the brand was recognised worldwide.


The brand uses a combination of science and nature to create expert skincare products.

“Gatineau combines natural ingredients with cutting-edge biotechnology to create an advanced range of skincare. Rooted in beauty therapy, our salon quality products have been developed alongside a range of beauty treatments and are used by skincare professionals worldwide. Specialising in anti-ageing, our products provide highly visible results for a younger looking you.”

About Us


Proudly celebrating 83 years, from Jeanne Gatineau’s Parisian beauty salon in the 1930s to the global professional skincare brand we know today.


A brand that takes inspiration from the latest biotechnology to develop high-performance products.


From our highly experienced bio-chemists to our technically trained beauty therapists, Gatineau delivers an expert approach to skincare.


All our products undergo rigorous testing and clinical trials to ensure they deliver highly visible results. We do not test on animals and our formulas do not contain animal products or genetically-modified material.


Found in salons in nearly 50 countries worldwide, we are a professional brand you can trust.

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