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How Massage Works

Posted on 16th July, 2016

Massage is very popular at Experience, and we have a wide variety of treatments on offer.

There are many different types of massage, such as Hot Stone, Swedish and Hawaiian. Many people seek massage therapy for different reasons, the main ones being to reduce muscle tension, relax the body and decrease stress levels.

The techniques used in massage may vary, but often include the lifting and kneading of muscle to ease tension in the body. Common areas include the back, neck and shoulders. Many of us build up this tension from stress, not allowing our muscles to relax. This can lead to muscle “knots” – areas of muscle fibres which are unable to release. A therapist can work these knots out to ease the pain and tension.

Massage improves blood circulation and drainage of toxins through the lymphatic system. This allows blood to work its way through muscles, delivering more oxygen to allow them to function more effectively.  Increased toxin drainage can also reduce the swelling of tissue, therefore easing pain form this.

Massage also:

  • improves muscle and joint movement
  • eases muscle pain
  • relaxes the body and mind
  • boosts your mood
  • enhances sleep
  • promotes functioning of the immune system
  • decreases frequency of tension headaches

Visit our website to see which massage treatments we have to offer!

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