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Lava Shell Massage

Posted on 25th February, 2017

Lava Shells are a fascinating tool used in massage treatments. They are made from 100% recycled natural Tiger Calm Shells, which are found in oceans surrounding the Philippines. We use the shells at Experience because they are of the highest quality, eco friendly and 100% natural. Lava Shells coincide with our first Core ValueDelivering Excellence.

What makes the shells special?

The Lava Shells are quite different to hot stones used in massage. Unlike stones, the shells stay warm for up to an hour. This is down to the heat sachet containing minerals which is inserted into the shell along with an activator gel to provide a long lasting heat. With the shells, the therapist can deliver a continuous massage to the client without interruption. The shells have a balancing heat system, where the shell cools slightly when moved across the skin, then reheats when left stationary.

What are the benefits of the Lava Shells?

The shells have a unique shape which closely mimics that of the therapist’s own hand. There are 3 different angles, crown, edge and thumb, which are parallel to the shape of the palm, knuckles and thumb. This allows the therapist to alter the angle when necessary. Lava Shells provide the same benefits as regular massage, easing muscle tension and providing deep relaxation. The shells are eco friendly as all ingredients are 100% natural, and hygienic since they are non-porous so do not absorb oil, skin cells or bacteria.

Clare Anderson, founder says:

These home use shells are excellent for self-massage, the heat helps relax the muscles quicker and the shape of the shell really helps target problem areas like tense shoulders. The warmth from the shell is very comforting and promotes extreme relaxation.  They can be applied directly to the skin but work equally well through clothing. They can also be used to massage a friend or partner; they help you give a really beneficial massage that leaves you feeling very calm and relaxed.” 

More information can be found on the Shared Beauty Secrets Website. 

The shells are very easy to use and instantly relaxing. To try the shells out for yourself, book in for a blissful Lava Shell Massage.

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