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New Therapist

Posted on 13th February, 2016

We will be pleased to welcome Joanne to our team starting from the 17th March 2016. Joanne specialises in Herbal Medicine, Bach Flower Therapy and Reiki Healing. She has been a Medical Herbalist since 2000, with many years of experience using herbs to treat a wide range of health conditions.

In 2001, Joanne began her work using universal energy by training in Holistic Healing. After using this form of energy work for several years, Joanne began her training in Reiki to widen and deepen her practice of using this intelligent energy.

In 2004, Joanne completed her training to become a Bach Flower Therapy Practitioner and she has worked with people using the Bach Flowers to help balance many different emotional states. Joanne has previously worked as an Aromatherapist, reflexologist, and a stress management counsellor and therefore has a wide knowledge and experience base surrounding these. Although no treatments in these will be offered at present, she can advise about the use of oils and self help techniques in relation to these treatments.

Herbal Medicine

The initial herbal consultation process takes approximately 90 minute to investigate the physical and emotional symptoms suffered with the aim of finding the root cause of the problem to help the body readdress imbalances and return to it’s natural state of health.

Plant medicines are used to help redress these imbalances and return body tissues back to healthy, relaxed functioning.

A personalised herbal prescription is made up and usually comes in the form of tinctures (liquid),teas or creams. Medicine can taste unpleasant however these are taken only small doses.

The herbs work with our bodies; they are whole herb extracts that our bodies recognise as natural. Joanne tends to mainly use western plants as these are native to our environments. The whole plant extracts work synergistically with our bodies, balancing their own actions to produce gentle reactions in the body.

As part of the herbal consultation a holistic approach is used meaning that dietary, lifestyle and emotional aspects will also be explored.

Herbal medicine can also be used preventatively and to maintain good health.

Herbal medicine can treat a wide range of conditions and commonly treated conditions include menstrual, hormonal or menopausal symptoms, digestive complaints, headaches, mood complaints and stress, arthritic conditions, respiratory and urinary problems, cystitis, infections, colds, hay fever and allergies.

Herbal Medicine is able to treat any condition as it considers how to return tissues to their healthy states again rather than how to eliminate a disease.

Herbal treatment is suitable for all ages including babies and young children where much smaller doses and gentler herb are used.

£50 First Herbal Medicine 90 minute appointment 

£25 Follow up Herbal Medicine 45 minute appointment

£7.00 per 100ml Herbal Medicine cost (this works out to be a weekly cost in general. So after first appointment someone would be given 2 weeks worth of medicine [£14], and after a followup they would be given a months worth[£28])

Bach Flowers 

The 38 Bach Flowers are the remedies of the emotions. Each remedy is indicated for a different emotion state. Bach Flowers are helpful in acute emotional states like shock and acute anxiety where possibly rescue remedy may be indicated, or for more subtle emotional imbalances like feeling impatient or irritated, or fearful or insecure.

These are very safe medicines that work on a vibrational level and are suitable for all ages and conditions.

The consultation process helps each individual to identify with their emotions and chose the remedies that they feel are most suitable for them.

£47 per hour first Bach flower appointment (includes Bach flower  treatment bottle)

£23 half  hour Bach flower follow up (Includes treatment bottle)

£5 Top up Bach flower treatment bottle only

Holistic Healing/Reiki 

A relaxing form of energy work whereby healing, balancing, and relaxing universal energy is channelled into you to realign the chakras and re-energise your being. Mainly Joanne uses hands off reiki, the energy being channelled into the aura, into the first energy layer. This allows the energy to heal and rebalance the aura before the physical body. It is believed that many conditions arise first in the aura, therefore giving healing in this way is powerful in treating the cause of problems.

£45 per hour Reiki

All treatments are confidential and are undertaken with a view to helping individuals gain an understanding and knowledge of their personal health and healing journeys.

Joanne will have appointments available through Experience Health and Beauty. An appointment can be made by calling us (01389 732559) or by visiting the salon. For home visits, or to chat about anything please call Joanne’s mobile on 07562 333 731 or email:

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