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Our Chosen Charity

Posted on 13th February, 2016

In December 2015, Rainbow Valley were declined planning permission by the Planning and Access Committee of Loch Lomond and the Trossachs National Park to build the Rainbow Valley Centre in Gartocharn. However, their vision remains strong and now many more people are aware of the charity and its goals.

The charity’s inspiration comes from a girl named Johanna MacVicar. Diagnosed at only 16 in 1994, Johanna sadly lost her battle with cancer in 2005. Though she received the best medical care possible, Johanna felt there should be a centre dedicated to approaching different treatments for cancer alongside hospital care – both innovative and traditional. Johanna’s mother Angela and long time friend Lindsay MacCallum took forward Johanna’s vision and created Rainbow Valley.

“Rainbow Valley will be a centre which will offer cancer patients the opportunity to learn more about their condition and to experience (free of charge) preventative and self-help therapies, which aim to help relax the patient and promote positivity outwith hospital, in tranquil surroundings. The facility will be available to the cancer patient before, in between and after treatments, giving guidance on a comprehensive and integrative approach to their cancer care. Rainbow Valley will also promote healthy living through encouragement of sport, exercise and education of the power of good nutrition.”

The Centre will provide free residential courses to cancer patients which give the opportunity to retreat from the hospital setting and spend time in a natural environment. Everyone is affected by cancer, and everyone will be welcome at Rainbow Valley.

Here at Experience, we have chosen Rainbow Valley as our charity to work with. We shall be fundraising for and supporting the charity in many ways throughout the year, as well as attending the annual Rainbow Valley Ball in November.

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