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Outback Organics

Posted on 11th June, 2016

At EHB, we are committed to providing the best quality products and treatments to our clients. This is why we use Outback Organics waxing products.

Based in the Somerset countryside of Australia, Outback Organics is a family run business which combines the best of natural Australian extracts with the latest cosmetics. The range was developed to provide Spas, Beauty Therapists, Salons and Clients the best of effective and organic skincare products with “an Aussi twist.”

From the outset, Outback Organics set out the mantra: “Effective, ethical and affordable.”

“We are extremely proud and passionate about what we do and believe that the care and attention we put into every detail of our brand has helped to make Outback Organics the success story it has become.

We pride ourselves on two things above all others: listening to our customers and developing wonderful botanical products based on their needs and suggestions.”

In 2010, the company teamed up with Andy Rouillard – an award-winning specialist waxer and educator. This kickstarted the idea to create the UK’s most complete range of wax-related skincare products. Professional therapists have designed each product from scratch to target the most frequent problems after hair removal, such as ingrown hairs, spots and irritation.


Outback Gold Peelable Wax – Ideal for intimate waxing, this hot wax is spread on the area like butter. It dries in under 30 seconds, and can then simply be peeled off to remove hair! Tough on hair, but gentle on skin.


Little Wonders for Down Under (set) INCLUDES:

1 x Face and Body Scrub 50ml – The first step to smooth, trouble-free skin is exfoliation. This scrub loosens dead skin cells and improves the texture of dry, rough patches leaving the skin feeling silky smooth. Bergamot orange, sandalwood, patchouli and rose are combined with jojoba micro-beads to give a gentle yet effective exfoliation, lifting dead skin cells and leaving skin soft and hydrated. Enriched with organic cucumber extract, this creamy scrub is mild enough for face and body. With regular use your skin will feel deeply cleansed and invigorated.

Face and Body Scrub 100ml tube-480x650

1 x Bush Balm 50ml – Instant soothing on delicate areas, this intensely moisturising balm quickly reduces redness and calms skin after hair removal. Aloe vera, allantoin and frankincense extract sooth sore skin, while shea butter and macadameia oil quench and deeply nourish. Bush Balm can be used between appointments to help prevent ingrown hairs and hydrate skin. Particularly suitable for sensitive areas such as the face and underarms, it’s great after intimate waxing or shaving.

Bush Balm 250ml-480x650


1 x Skinwash 50ml – This face and body wash with pure organic tea tree oil, mountain pepper extract and peppermint oil cleans the pores and helps eliminate bacteria that cause spots without stripping or drying the skin. The perfect face wash for anyone who prefers using a facial wash than a cream cleanser and a wonderfully refreshing shower gel. Oily skin is controlled and vitality is restored revealing fresher, more vibrant skin without leaving it feeling taught and dry. Perfect for everyday use.

Skin Wash 100ml tube-480x650

1 x Ingrown Hair 8ml – This Ingrown Hair Serum attacks unsightly, painful bumps and pimples that harbour ingrown hairs. Australian sandalwood, cypress oils, aniseed myrtle and prickly pear extract help heal imperfections without drying the skin. Combined with pineapple and papaya fruit enzymes and hydroxy acids this serum gently exfoliates where the hair is trapped, freeing stubborn ingrown hairs to reveal smooth, blemish-free skin. Suitable for men and women, this product is for home use only and should be used 24 hours after waxing.


Ingrown Hair Serum 8ml-480x650

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