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Posted on 13th February, 2016

Reiki means “universal life energy” and is a method of spiritual healing. Treatments aim to use Reiki for things such as:

  • rebalancing energy and chakras
  • inducing relaxation
  • relieving headaches
  • easing anxiety or tension
  • general pain
  • stress

The client lies on the bed and the therapist uses their hands either near or on the body to carry out the treatment. The therapist channels Reiki energy through themselves and into the client at specific areas of need. Reiki can prove to be very effective if carried out correctly. At Experience, we have two trained Reiki therapists. Nancy MacDonald is trained in Usui Reiki  as a Reiki Master. As a partner of Experience, a treatment can be booked with Nancy by calling the salon. Our new Medical Herbalist Joanne also carries out Reiki healing. Please call us for further details – 01389 732559

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