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Spring Trends 2016

Posted on 2nd April, 2016

As we glide from Winter into the beautiful Spring, fashion trends change along with the season. Here are some of the things we may see popping up as Summer approaches:

Glitter eyelids – Adding a bit of glitter to your usual eye makeup for that extra sparkle.

Glowing skin – Highlighter on the cheeks, down the nose and chin will give that subtle glow to the skin.

Classic lips – Bold colours are out, it’s all about the classic reds and nudes.

Nails – From glitter, to bold, to a new kind of French, nail trends are always fluctuating. Check out the upcoming trends here –

Pink Cheeks – Rosy cheeks are back!

Faux Freckles – Dotting the cheeks and nose with light brown eyeliner to achieve cute fake freckles

Smokey eye – Never gets old. Smokey eyes are here to stay.

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