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As a team leader at Experience, Brenda ensures the smooth daily running of the salon, supervises therapists and takes client appointments. She has been at the salon since July 2014 and continues to develop her role further. Brenda studied International Travel with Information Systems at Glasgow Caledonian University and History with the History of Art at Glasgow.  In her spare time, Brenda likes to read, go to the cinema and spend time with her dog Jake, and her three cats.

Worst fear  – A world without animals

If you could have 3 wishes, what would they be? – That Jake, my dog, would live as long as me, to have my own doggy daycare centre and to spend one more day with my mum

If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life, what would you chose? – Good macaroni cheese!

Biggest pet hate – Rude people and people who hurt animals

Favourite place in the world – Orlando, Florida

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