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Top 5 Tips for Taking Care of Your Nails

Posted on 9th January, 2016

Our nails go through a lot of hard wearing and it’s easy to forget to look after them. Here are our top 5 tips on how to properly take care of your nails and keep them in the best condition possible:

  1. File and Polish: Simply having regular nail appointments can keep your nails protected. Gel or Acrylic nail coats can protect your real nail, preventing cracks while giving you a lovely, colourful overcoat. You can chose a nail treatment from Experience here.
  2. Don’t Bite: If you happen to have the bad habit of biting your nails, STOP! Biting keeps the nails too short and weakens them. Maintain your nails by clipping, cutting or filing them.
  3. Rubber Gloves: Tackling house work? Pull on a pair of marigolds to protect your nails from chemicals in cleaning products. These products can damage nails. Even when washing the dishes, using gloves will help prevent weakening your nails or causing cracks.
  4. Moisturiser: Keep your hands and nails hydrated using a moisturiser. This will maintain your nails’ natural, healthy look. The Arbonne Ultra-Hydrating Hand Creme is ideal for this and is available for purchase at Experience.
  5. Nail Strengthener: Using a nail strengthener can help repair your nails and leave them healthier. They can provide nutrients to encourage growth as well as toughening the nail.

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