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Usui Reiki

NancyWith several years in practice, USUI Reiki is a universal energy that I channel to treat the person as a whole, including body, emotions, mind and spirit, creating many benefcial effects including relaxation and peaceful feelings. The feel good factor!

A USUI Reiki treatment feels like a lovely glowing radiance that fows both through you and around you.

I am both clairsentient and clairaudient, with clairvoyance coming through Reiki on occasion.

Professionally trained by top plastic surgeon Mr Taimur Shoaib (Glasgow/Harley St), and fully insured by Fraser Hamilton.

Tarot, Angel and Pendulum Consultations.

For many years, I have developed my offering of Psychic Tarot readings, Angel guidance and Pendulum guidance.

I thoroughly enjoy connecting with people, and offer guidance and possible solutions to the direction I see for each individual.