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Valentine’s Day – Timeless Candles

Posted on 21st January, 2017

Stuck for gift ideas this Valentine’s Day? We have a luxurious range of Timeless Candles in stock!

Timeless Candles are made from the finest natural scents and hand poured in Scotland.

Founded by fragrance expert Liana Mullen, who has over 20 years experience in the beauty industry, Timeless Candles is based on the ethos: “Time is Precious, Waste it Wisely“. Liana wanted her clients to be able to recreate the atmosphere of a calm, relaxing spa in their own homes. Timeless combines traditional Scottish scents with more exotic Italian fragrances.

Timeless have many different scents:

  • Amber and BergamotCalming bergamot and smoky amber combine perfectly with sandalwood and jasmine to restore balance and induce relaxation. Sweet mandarin creates a melody with these aromas. A perfect early-evening blend, this is the ideal mood-boosting scent to help the stresses of the day simply melt away.
  • Amber_and_Bergamot_2048x2048
  • Aromatic Amber – Moody, sensuous, dark blend of woods, leather, hard amber and aromatic tobacco softened with fragrant moss.
  • 11_2048x2048
  • Bayberry and Rose – Capture your inner serenity with sweet, uplifting scents that will trigger happy and harmonise feelings. Indulge in this limited edition delightful candle with its pretty pink wax and stunning glow.
  • Bayberry_and_Rose_2048x2048 
  • Black Plum and Pomegranate – Want to add some spice in the bedroom? Set the atmosphere with this sensuous Timeless blend. Base notes of intense fruit blend with sultry amber and creamy vanilla finishing in punchy pomegranate for a truly seductive evening scent.
  • Black_Plum_and_Pomegranate_2048x2048 
  • Cassis and Fig – Sweet cherry and dreamy coconut blend with exotic fig to make a fruity fusion that smells good enough to eat. With summery blackberry also in the mix, this sunshine-in-a-jar blend can’t fail to bring a smile to your face. An instant mood booster.
  • Cassi_and_Fig_2048x2048
  • Jasmine and Thyme – Heady thyme, known for boosting the immune system, will help clear the mind and adds a spicy edge to this blend’s exotic floral notes. Jasmine encourages relaxation, complimented by sleep-inducing patchouli, to create an intoxicating cocktail. The perfect bedtime blend.Jasmie_and_thyme_2048x2048
  • Neroli and Lemon – An uplifting and energising infusion. Neroli and Lemon for that spa like scent blended with mind clearing eucalyptus and stimulating and refreshing peppermint. The uplifting blend of Neroli and Lemon gives you clarity with its refreshing peppermint, clears you’re mind with eucalyptus and revitalises with zingy lemon, lime and neroli. It’s an energetic infusion that will sure to get you moving in the morning.
  • neroli_and_lemon_2048x2048 
  • Velvet Sandlewood – Trouble sleeping? An hour before bed, wrap yourself in the calming fragrance blend of sandalwood and luxurious lavender to encourage the best night’s shut-eye you’ve ever had. The calming and restorative properties of these essential oils will help your worries float away. Go on, shut out the outside world … just for a little while.
  • Velvet_Sandalwood_8a12a286-fe38-4b2b-8fd2-3985d77adc95_2048x2048

The candles are made from plant based Sustainable Soy Wax with a cotton wick to allow an even burn. Each scent is unique, whether it be energising or relaxing.

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