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Why You Should Drink More Water

Posted on 11th June, 2016

Our bodies are made of approximately 70% water. Our brains alone are made of 90% water. In simple terms, we need water to survive. Most people don’t drink enough water from day to day, and dehydration can account for problems we all face frequently, such as headaches. Drinking more water has many benefits and can help keep your body in balance. It is suggested we consume 6-8 glasses of water per day. Another method of checking how much you should drink is to take your body weight, half it, and drink that amount in ounces eg: weight 140kg, drink 70 oz water per day

  • Reduces toxins in body – it literally flushes them out
  • Helps digestion – keeps things moving and prevents constipation
  • Improves skin condition – hydrated skin in healthy skin!
  • Increases energy – relieves fatigue and boosts concentration
  • Boosts immune system –
  • Promotes weight loss – improves metabolism and helps you feel fuller
  • Prevents and eases headaches – since these are most commonly caused by dehydration
  • Improves mood – be healthy and happy!

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